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Turning crisis into opportunity

In today’s digital world, we see businesses falling prey to disruptive technologies and businesses that rise like an eagle. Everyone wishes to be on the right side of the digital world. Many are perplexed with questions like – Is my business going to perform well in this vortex? Will it be successful? Is my business digital friendly?

This book highlights the importance of making your business ready for the digital wave. It helps the reader to discover ways to rethink their business model for the digital age in order to transform their business by focusing on key areas like customers, innovation, competition and technology.

This book is not just for big corporates or senior executives, it is also for small businessmen who are bold and passionate about growing their business and boosting its profitability.

Invest in Digital | Turing Crisis into Opportunity | Prakash Arya


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Invest in Digital | Turing Crisis into Opportunity | Prakash Arya

Prakash Arya

About the Author

The author, Mr Prakash Arya is a Digital Evangelizer, who evangelizes digital media as an Entrepreneur, Mentor, Management Consultant, Speaker and Domain Knowledge Expert. Enthusiast, strategist, keen planner and strong charisma are some of the traits that can be associated with his personality.


He believes that if you don’t build your own dreams, then someone will hire you to build theirs. This inspired him to take-off his entrepreneurship journey. He is a successful entrepreneur and incorporated few companies in India and other parts of the globe.  

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Chapter's from the book

Read how incredibly these chapters will change your mind towards digital world. 

Chapter 1

In this chapter, we see when adversities have a devastating impact, how businesses should take measures for survival, identify challenges to sustain and build potential to grow.

Art & Science of Sustainability

Chapter 2

Sustainability skills are vital to the long term success of your business. In this chapter, know how it works effectively when aligned with your existing work process.

Life Within & Beyond Covid 19 Era

Chapter 3

The Covid 19 pandemic has completely changed the world and its effects are long lasting. This chapter tells about how to turn this crisis into opportunity?

of Digital

Chapter 4

The world we live in is super dynamic in terms of how businesses survive. Read this chapter to know how it has intensified with new technologies that advance the digital transformation even further.


Chapter 5

Digital Transformation is integration of technology with your business model. Know how digital transformation is supported in terms of Digital MARCOM, Digital CRM eHRM, eCORPCOM in this chapter.

Digital Transformation for Businesses

Chapter 6

This chapter highlights the way organizations navigate towards newer and better ways of working. The focus is going to be on automating processes and customer centricity using digital models.

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